Potential identical twins ~ 90 years apart

Photo 2014-05-16, 11 46 29 AM

Besides the “Tovey” chin  and longer face shape (from my mom’s side), Annika’s double is James’ grandma (John’s mother).  Are they not almost identical people???  When I look at pictures of James’ grandma, I see Annika when she’s older….  I feel like the picture on the left will be what Annika looks like in her 20’s.   I’ve never seen a picture of Ellen when she was young, but I can bet money that you would have to look hard to see who was who!

Also of interest:  Ellen Selina Loaring (ne Ruston) was born Oct 4, 1918 – almost exactly 90 years before Annika - Oct 7, 2008.


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