Our little sicky

Selena was diagnosed with mesenteric adenitis this weekend.  After three days of wanting nothing other than to sleep or lie down, I decided it was necessary to have her seen.  The doctors ordered ultrasound and blood work to rule out appendicitis since she was showing signs of pain in the abdomen.  Turns out, she had major inflammation of the lymph nodes in the lower quadrant (essentially, her body is fighting off a virus – most likely gastric-related).

Thankfully, adenitis is self-limited and treatable at home with Advil and Tylenol.  It’s taking it’s course but I think she’s starting to bounce back now.  Sunday she was showing signs of herself again.

Needless to say….. we didn’t have the greatest of weekends, but at least mommy got some really good cuddles and even a little bike ride with the girls and papa. 


She was such a brave girl at the hospital


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