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April Catch Up!

WOW where in the world did April go?Lots of fun times happening at BJAMS this month.  Highlight of course was Easter Weekend!  Auntie came for the fun this year!  A weekend full of Easter Bunnies, chocolate eggs, scavenger hunts, bike rides, Easter brunch and even human tape sculpting (will explain below haha!)Our little staticky Easter baby!Springridge Farm had lots of Easter fun!…even a mini Easter egg hunt Auntie brought some beautiful new outfits for the girls!Sporting “Run Under the Sun” hatsMavie has a new bike seat! Buddy Rider (best invention for small dogs!)New Barbie bike!Our Easter BunniesHaving fun with auntie! (aka torturing her with “puppy!”)Look at that yoga bow pose!This is the finished product of….. (yes, you guessed it!) Annika’s body!!  Rob (family friend) is a grade-school teacher and needed a sculpture for his upcoming production at school.  Tape sculpting produced this awesome sculpture of Annika!  She was a very patient model and was so proud!  The only thing th…

Guess who’s baaaaaack!

My babies in bird-form   Can’t wait to see how many little ones they have this year!  Last year they had 1 - the year before they had 3. Yippee!!!!

Job Interview

Director of Operations job interviewFull article: can’t possible fully comprehend the role of a mom, until you are one.  I remember my mom telling me often as I was growing up “you won’t understand until you have kids of your own.”  I always just thought she was saying that to bug me and make me roll my eyes – But to be honest, its one of the most accurate statements I’ve ever heard, and she was BANG ON!I think the hardest thing for me as a mom is learning how to deal with the constant worry.  It’s life-changing and it’s always there.  The kids could be perfectly healthy and happy, but it takes a nanosecond for me to look at them or just merely think of them and instantly worry about anything and everything all at once.  And then there’s the mommy guilt – and for no reason at all, you feel guilty, about everything you’re doing that may not include the kids, or that includes …

Spring weekend fun!

The warmer weather has finally come (not quite to stay yet, I don’t think…) but we took advantage of it and the girls participated in their first kids run of the season, and they were invited to a Frozen birthday party, with Queen Elsa!!Queen Elsa!The birthday princess and all her friends (Selena MIA… climbing the stairs and running around)Sideways pose….Queen Elsa gave each of the girls a princess makeover!Birthday girl Queen Elsa sang live to the girls – beautiful voice! Race day…Marden Kids Run!Annika sprinting in front of daddy!Selena wanted to watch the pretty birds… wasn’t quite in the running mood…