Things only a mom could be excited for…

Some serious mom-related excitement!

1.  Purple Doggie! – Since Selena was one years old, she has slept with her lullaby-singing purple doggie.  Last week on our way home from Florida, I realized that purple doggie had not made it into our bags from the hotel Sad smile  It wasn’t the end of the world since Selena had her other “puppy” and her blankie, but I knew she was going to miss her beloved singing purple doggie at nighttime.

On my search to find a new one, I soon realized that purple doggie has been discontinued in North America…. BUT there has been a new and improved bigger and better, sing-along, teaching purple doggie, that can even be programmed to say your child’s name!!  and amongst all of these new features still plays the same lullabies Smile

Needless to say, when the new purple doggie arrived, and after mommy programmed Selena’s name and her favourite things and songs to purple doggie, Selena was very excited!!

P1130940 (Small)

Daddy, mavie and bitty baby sleeping with old purple doggy (Christmas 2011)


New purple doggy!


“Puppy” and “Purple doggy” had about 95 kisses yesterday!


So much love!


Big sister colouring purple doggy certificate


2.  This is my second HUGE excitement! … NO, not for donuts - but for the grand-opening of a brand-new super Zehrs opening less than 2km from our doorstep!  I’ve waited patiently for 8 years for this!!!



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