Catch-Up and Birthday Things!

It’s already March!  Where did February go?

David and my birthdays have come again, along with mom’s this past Monday.  She hit her milestone “60” birthday, so I decided to do something fun and unique with her!  We went with good friend Rob to a Paint Nite in T.O.!  I knew my mom would be a little apprehensive given her slight lack of artistic ability, but she did awesome!  Look what we created Open-mouthed smile



We started with an authentic Irish prime rib meal


Then sat down at our spots to start the art!


A pro!


The day before our painting outing, we all wanted to take my mom out for dinner.  One hour later we ended up back home to order pizza and Thai – Apparently all of Guelph decided to each at 5pm on Saturday and make it impossible for a party of 8 to find a spot….  lesson learned for my dad’s milestone “70”  next year, to make reservations (even if it is for 5pm!)

Looking forward to some awesome March Break adventures!!!  And fingers cross some of this snow starts to melt soon…


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