Mama Loaring

10 Years have passed since James lost his mom.  I met him just before year two.  I have seen and felt the shifts he’s gone through since then, and it’s comforting to know that such a sad time can turn into a learning experience and guidance for life’s journey.

I will never forget some of the initial things that happened after first meeting James, becoming aware of how close he was to his mom and how much love he felt for her - It didn’t take much longer than a few minutes upon entering the cottage for the very first time, for me to feel a loving presence and connection to someone like no other.

Shortly after James and I first met, he asked me when my birthday was.  When I told him February 20, his reaction was interesting.  The look on his face was something I’ll never forget.  He didn’t say anything, at that time, other than, oh wow.  I didn’t ask about his reaction because I thought he was just surprised that it was coming up soon (he asked me in January).  On my birthday the following month, he told me that I share the same birth date as his mom.  I was shocked and so pleasantly surprised – like a ball of energy went right through my body – the same feeling you get when you are so excited about something.  I then realized why James had given me that look the month prior.

After realizing that Elena and I had a bit more of a connection that I had thought, she started to show herself in different ways to me.  She would constantly be popping into my dreams, showing me things and taking me places.  Since I was feeling such a close connection to this person I had never met, I was always wishing I was able to see her face and hear her voice.  Although she would never talk to me in my dreams, she would show me very clearly her face.

The first Christmas James and I celebrated together, I surprised him with a video collage I put together of pictures I had found in the basement of the cottage.  When I was getting ready to show James his Christmas surprise, and waiting patiently on the couch, I had an overwhelming smell of perfume that would not go away.  I was looking to see if I had a plant close to me, or an air freshener somewhere, but there was nothing – It was Elena sitting beside me, joining us for the video.  Months later, Char mentioned that her mom used to wear Chanel No.5 – the perfume I smelt that evening on the couch!

She also pops in at very unexpected times.  Early in our relationship, James and I had had a disagreement about something and he had gone to bed early.  We were at the cottage, I was upset and was drifting off to sleep on the couch when suddenly the TV not only turned on, but the volume was on full blast, and the lights starts flickering.  LOL  Needless to say, it startled me!  I took it as a sign that I was not supposed to fall asleep on the couch upset with James, but was to go in and talk to him.  “Never go to bed angry!” I will always be thankful to Elena for times like that when I feel a little nudge to do something I may not have done otherwise.

I’ve been recently connecting more with my interest in spirit, energy, mediums - whatever you want to call it.  I’ve started reading a few books, learning more and it sparked my interest back to Reiki (a healing technique based on the ability to channel energy to help someone heal either emotionally and/or physically).  I had taken my Reiki level I course in 2008 – I became pregnant at the time, got married, moved, and got pregnant again.  While growing our little family, I let that side of me rest for a while.  I have felt more and more urges recently to to get back into it.  I was contemplating for the past couple of months whether I was ready to sign up for my Reiki II course – One big push was this Christmas – I asked for a sign, from anyone in the spirit world; a sign that I wouldn’t be able to miss, that would let me know I was ready to go further with my learning.  I think Elena not only wanted to make the sign very clear, but she also wanted to validate quite clearly that it was her who was giving it!…...  When James was standing beside the Christmas tree at the cottage looking out the window, two ornaments not just fell, but flew off the tree.  These ornaments were Elena’s.  Prior to this incident, we had told the girls they were allowed to take one ornament each home with us (needless to say, we took these two flying ornaments home with us).  Any doubts that I was harbouring regarding anything spirit-wise, vanished at that moment.  I completed my Reiki level II this past weekend Smile

These are only a few special moments I have that I believe are loving connections to a person I will always love, always miss, always wish I could have met, could have hugged and could thank for bringing me to the love of my life, the father of my children and spark that keeps my life always exciting ♥

Love You Mama Elena!


This is the video I put together for James and his family on our first Christmas together.


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