Just a typical, epic day of parenting…

I’m sure that every mommy around the world will very much be able to empathize with my day yesterday.  For future laughs, I’ve decided to jot it down… I’m sure I’ll be able to laugh at this in 15+ years’ time.  As for right now….all I need is sleep…

Waking up to what I thought was going to be a normal Sunday here at BJAMS’ …the regular wakeup call from Annika “Hi mom.”  But… this time, 20 seconds after the wake-up, Annie comes running over with her hand over her mouth whining.  With mommy instinct immediately kicking in, like a lightening bolt, I shot out of bed knowing what was about to happen; making it within one step of the toilet, our bathroom sink and cupboards were drenched…  I still had hopes that it was just a fluke.   Getting by the first half an hour without another episode is usually our safe ground.  Watching the clock, and fingers crossed, I was hoping that we would get by that marker… but then, BOOM… another for the poor little girl… and then another half an hour, like clockwork; until finally two and a half hours later her stomach had settled, and I was pretty confident that we were finally over the horrid part of the stomach flu.

Poor Annie could barely move.  She was curled up on Nana in the Sun’s wool rug at the foot of our bed, with her little sister never more than two feet from her (as much as I wanted to keep Selena as far away as possible, she refused to move and would do nothing other than say “poor Annika” or “I’ll find you some toys Annika.” The only time Selena left Annika’s side was to search the house for “Annika’s toys” or “Annika’s crafts” and she had a little pile of toys beside Annika on the floor.

Mommy needed a little fresh air, so outside with Mavie in the two feet of snow to do his business, and then shovel the snow and ice before the next snow storm was ready to come later in the afternoon.

Now, straight into crazy mommy/OCD cleaning at this first sign of Annika’s stomach calming down.  6 loads of laundry down, half a bottle of disinfectant gone, and two rolls of paper towel in the garbage, dinnertime was here and Annika was finally asking for a little to drink and eat.  Feeling relieved that our house was 98.5% clean of this bug, and Annika was starting to feel better, I decided to make her some Gatorade and gave her some apple sauce.  She was still very weak and didn’t want to move, but she held it all down and was doing okay, and I felt relieved that she wasn’t dehydrated.

Little did I know what was in store for the next couple of hours… 1.  Selena spilled her chicken soap all over the couch.  2.  James shattered a full glass of coke all over the kitchen floor.  3.  Six piles of perfectly folded, clean clothing destroyed by Selena.  4.  Annika projectile vomited all over her bed at 8pm (right after I had cleaned, changed and disinfected the bedding).  5.  Annika dry heaved at 10:30 p.m.  6.  11:00 p.m. flop into bed with my sinus infection giving me what was close to a migraine.

So there you have it!  I made it out alive…fingers crossed that another day like this doesn’t happen in a very long time (or ever).  This was truly one of those Oscar-worthy parenting days (I have a terrible phobia of vomit/vomiting….)


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