Tis the Season…

…apparently to lose teeth!  Annika has lost two of her teeth in the past week.  The Tooth Fairy has been busy!  With Annika’s Tooth Fairy earnings, she was very excited to go shopping with papa today.  She came home with an arm full of new toys (and even one for her little sister!)


She lost her first tooth minutes before I picked her and her sister up from daycare… and lost her second one three days later at Nana and Papa’s house while James and I were in Windsor.  She has three other loose teeth… I wonder if we’ll have a toothless child by Christmas!


With our big basement reno, and our basement belongings scattered through our house… I wasn’t sure how Christmas decorating was going to work this year… and I was sure as anything not going to wait until the middle of December to start!  I cleared some space and found some room and look at what the girls and I came up with!  Christmas tree will have to wait…. but everything else is out!


This is our Christmas tree… for now…


I’m so happy the girls are old enough now to be able to love all things Christmas as much as me ♥


There it is!  Decorated perfectly by Annie and Selena


Perfect timing for our first snowfall


Had to buy the girls this awesome inflatable Christmas Hello Kitty… they were a little upset that we had to give Santa Bear a new home… so this is the replacement… which can be nicely stored away in a little box until needed again Winking smile


Looks like winter might actually be fun this year!


Strong girl!


ooops… selena loves to be tossed around and thought it was the greatest thing when Annika would sling shot her off the back LOL


Our house officially has the “Cozy Christmas Feel!”


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