Finally getting some downtime after another successful westMONSTERrun.  So proud of James for pulling together another successful race.  We had a good turnout despite the weather conditions…. Again this year we had high winds (gusts of 90km/h), rain and snow, and cold temps.  The race went very well despite this – the support from our community and volunteer help is growing and that’s what’s so appreciated!  Third year’s a charm – so lets wish for a warm day with no rain next year!


The race got front page newspaper!!


Karsten won (far left) and Jack second (far right)


Kicking off the day!


Sweet little Annika climbing the mudslide of a hill in the kids monster dash.


Anthony’s brother had one of the best costumes of the day!

BJAMS’ halloween party was even better than last year!  The costumes were outstanding!



The girls, nana and I are off to a family girls weekend in New York on Friday.  This is the annual get-together my cousins and aunt organize.  I’ve missed this trip for the past three years, but now that my girls are easier to travel with, we’re looking forward to it!!  The boys get to stay home and have some guy bonding time – Poker and beer Saturday night LOL


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