Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Super Thanksgiving Weekend!

We had one of our biggest Thanksgiving gatherings here at BJAMS this year.  John and Char stayed the weekend; my parents, brother and Jenn and my grandpa came over for turkey dinner on Sunday.  For the fourth year in a row we ran at the Thanksgiving Day Races in Guelph.  Next year Annika gets to run the 1k!  This year, both girls ran the 100 meter kids dash (Selena didn’t face plant this year!)

All just a warm-up for BJAMS’ Christmas festivities in a couple months!!

Some pics from Char:


Pretty new dresses from auntie for the birthday girls!  (belated for Annika and early for Selena)


Bike ride with Auntie and Lambie


James being a dork


More birthday fun!  Char brought “pottery painting to go!”


Getting the kids wired before bed….  I can’t wait for David to have kids!!!!…hehehe  Smile with tongue out


Showing off his brand new gold-plated poker cards – and my mom getting prepped for her first ever game of poker!  Turned out to be the most drawn-out, long, 3.5 hour boring game of poker (to them an “epic” game)


Timmie and James

…and pics from my mom


We’re laughing because Selena, on her own, ran down the stairs and posed like this a second before the picture was taken


Exhausted after a full day of cooking, family festivities and finally settling the kids to bed….


Some of the kids from St. Ignatius who ran in the races


Papa was only one who could convince Selena to put her shoes on the right feet!


James’ arch


Mavie a minute before going ballistic when seeing me in the run


Pretty Annika watching Daddy and Selena, mommy, auntie char and grampie run


Team BJ!  (horrible short form LOL!…. this seems to happen to me a lot… my maiden name short form was BS)


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