Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin Party!

Papa came over for our annual Pumpkin Party!  We tried a new trick of using a drill for the two pumpkins Papa carved, and Annika wanted me to carve a “princess pumpkin” so I used a sketch and did my best!  All pumpkins turned out as planned!


All set to go!  Selena wanted to paint hers


Finished products!  A flowery design, Cinderella, and Annika’s smiley face pumpkin (that papa helped with Winking smile)


of course one of the best parts!  Roasted pumpkin seeds YUM! and Healthy for those health nuts out there - packed with iron, magnesium, fibre, zinc, potassium, healthy fats, protein, and tryptophan (to help you sleep!)


and…. nana finished the tooth fairy pillow!  So Annika’s allowed to lose her tooth any time now!


Mavie and Timmie love the fall!


Tug of war! (Mavie always wins)


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