Terry Fox Run and “Yummy”

Annika brought home a surprise friend this week, named “Yummy.”  Annika told us that yummy is the classroom helper who helps to remind everyone to be kind to each other, use manners, help one another and be a friend to everyone.

It was Annika turn to bring Yummy home and show him all her favourite things.  Annika first brought Yummy to nana and papa’s house and shared a sucker with him, then brought him to dance class, to the park and then home to have dinner, brushed his hair and then dressed him in some night clothes she found and tucked him into bed.  Yummy stayed home while Annika went to daycare the next day, and then went everywhere with Annika the rest of the day, got dressed in many different outfits, we gave him a bath in the washing machine, and she tucked him in to bed again.  Back to the classroom he went to be sent with another friend the next day.

What a cute idea!


Annika and Yummy


Breakfast with Yummy


Fast asleep with her buddy


Annika wanted him to sleep with my old childhood “blankie”


And this is the picture Annika drew in Yummy’s diary of adventures throughout the year.  (Yummy watching through the windows Annika dance with her dance instructor)

All the students participated in the annual Terry Fox Run at the school.  The JK and SK students get to run with their reading buddies.


Our fashionista wanted to dress up for the event…


JKs, SKs, and grades 7s and 8s


I only realized after I uploaded the pictures that Annika’s cousin (aunt Jenn’s nephew) Liam is standing to the left beside Annika’s reading buddy!


Annika, Megan and Alydia


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