Selena’s First Day!

Lots of firsts happening in the last little while!  Today was Selena’s first day of Nursery School at the Salvation Army.  We have her in a one-morning-a-week program so she can have a little taste of what’s to come next September in JK!  This nursery school is a great start for the little ones as they follow a similar routine as what a JK class would follow and look like.  This is the same nursery school Annika was in two years ago.

Of course, our little sweetie fit right in, met some new friends and even cuddled up to her teacher at the end of the day during story-time.  Too Cute!


Our little schoolgirl


Snack time! (Selena, as always, was the last to finish her snack today – she likes to savor the goodness of her food haha! – she does the same thing at home and daycare!)


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