Our Muskoka trip was our end-of-summer little getaway.  We take advantage of some of the races James will be at supporting his athletes, so me and the kids tagged along for this one since daddy booked an awesome spot at Hidden Valley Resort!  One day my hope of James’ triathlon comeback will come true….and we’ll be cheering him on at these races :)


Pretty Pink Muskoka Chair at the entrance (Selena was a little freaked out)


Reception waterfall


Nana and Papa returned from their Riverboat European vacation with a suitcase full of goodies for the girls…one being these awesome hats!  Annika sported hers almost the entire trip!


A pretty shirt that nana picked out in Paris


Breakfast at the resort


View from the porch


A little too chilly for the pool…

Photo 2013-09-08 9 00 18 AM

On the dock ♥

Photo 2013-09-08 9 04 16 AM

Mommy is relieved to say that she gets her normal routine back tomorrow!  No daycare for the past two weeks and the start of school last week….while trying to run a business and work at the same time…led to a very long couple of weeks….  But….we managed, had fun little day trips and adventures, and the kids are refreshed and ready to get back at it.  YAAAY for fall-time fun!


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