First Day!

Annika is so cute.  I swear some of her mannerisms are like a teenager!  She just helped me pack her school bag - had to make sure she had lip gloss, bracelets and hair ties (aka the necessities for school, according to Annika).  She painted a picture for her friend Abigail, and has been playing "spa" with Selena all weekend so she’s at her best for her first day back.  I don't think she could be any more of a girly-girl!

We’re taking the girls out for an end-of-summer dinner, then early to bed for the big day tomorrow.  I have to leave her in the "big kid" yard at school:(  It's sounds silly to worry about, but it feels like I’m officially having to leave her on her own…..the JK’s have a fenced-in area that we dropped them off in last year, in their own little protected area.  Annika is with the “big kids” now.  I know she’ll be ok, but the protective mommy in me can’t  help but come out.  Her teacher told me last week during the “lemonade/meet the teacher party” that the first day is usually more traumatizing for the parents – sometimes she’s torn between comforting a crying parent and calming an excited kid!  Wish me luck!


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