I don’t usually talk much about religion, but I do believe in God and I am Christian.  I don’t go to church often, but to me that has never made a difference in what I believe, or the way I live my life.

Some food for thought….

I believe religion is based on how someone should live their life – loving others, respecting others and yourself, being kind, being a good person, helping others, among many other similar traits.  Going to church is one way of living a Christian life, but to me it does not define one’s beliefs, either religiously or spirituality whether it be God, or nature or whatever.  The same meaning and feeling that one may experience during a church service, could be the same way another person may feel when they are walking in nature, or riding a bike, or meditating, or watching their kids play.  This is why I feel sad for people who feel that going to church is a chore.  It shouldn’t be a chore.  If you don’t feel closer to God while you are sitting in church, then why not find God in another way?  And, if you don’t believe in God, then find something that you believe in, find something that means something and that gives you the drive to be a good person and lead a good life.

What sparked these thoughts was a story a friend posted about a pastor who posed as a homeless man in his own church – and was shocked at how the people of the church treated him.  One of the quotes from this story is wonderful:

“Following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ should be more than just talk. It ought to be a lifestyle that others around you can love about you and share in.”

I believe religion should not be forced upon people, it should be a choice, it should be a way of living life, not a way to judge people who don’t have the same beliefs as another.  To be a good, honest person should not be based on whether that person believes in God.

Having said that, I do believe it is important to expose children to religion, allow them to learn and to come to their own conclusions about what they believe and how they want to grow and live their life.  If the principles are instilled in children, there is a better chance they will grow to become the kind of person Christianity resembles.

Annika has already started asking questions and talking a lot about Heaven and God and Jesus.  I love having these talks with her.  I love that she’s asking questions.  I love how interested and happy she is to listen and also tell us what she thinks and knows, too!

Here is the link to the story:


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