Puppy Love

One of my favourite pastime is watching animals interact :)  Especially my own!  Timmie is with us for three weeks.  He’s completely settled in and Mavie’s officially accepted that he has to share his house and all his belongings with him.

Today, during our morning walk, Timmie and Mavie met what I thought was a cute little innocent dog.  All three dogs were happily sniffing each other, when suddenly the new friend decided to turn evil and tried to nip Mavie….at which point, in a split second, protective Timmie tackled and pinned down little bully dog and put him in his place!

I guess Timmie was so proud of himself that later in the walk he decided to mark his spot on Mavie’s head.  I didn’t realize until we got home when I went to pick Mavie up and he had a funk smell on him.  At first I thought he’d rolled in something dead….then I realized the stank smell didn’t quite match up to a dead smell….it was pee.  Mavie was in need of a hair cut anyway, so to the groomers we went (aka Bree’s Doggy Salon).

Timmie was so upset that I was putting Mavie under such distress that he was pacing back and forth, couldn’t sit still and would not take his eyes off little Mavie, for two hours straight!  After Mavie’s bath, to the living room to hair dry and brush, then off to the garage for his cut.  Timmie followed each step, paced around the garage at least 75 times when eventually he decided the best place was to lie down next to my feet under the table where he had a clear view of Mavie and close enough to potentially bite my ankle if he didn’t like my next move.

These pics were taken after Mavie’s hair cut.  Can you tell Timmie was happy to have his buddy back?!


Timmie needed a minute to get over his distress for Mavie!



Kisses for Mavie!


Is your bum clean?


Time to run!


But I need another kiss first


Happy boy!

I love dogs :D


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