Annika took her first ever swim strokes on her own!

With her big triathlon race coming up in just over a week, I thought I’d better get her into the water a few more times to make sure she’s comfortable.  After some good prep talk and a confidence boost from mom, she pushed off the edge and swam 4-5 strokes, head up and kicking like a pro, right to my arms!  That was the easy part.  She also swam from my arms to the side (with no push) - with a little bit of dunkage, she learned to hold her breath and keep kicking when she went under, and up she’d come :)  (good thing nana wasn’t at the pool today, we may have given her a few heart attacks…)

So proud of our little girl!  She seems to be a natural at whatever she puts her mind to ♥  A few more little swims with mommy and she’ll be swimming confidently before her lessons start next month!

Must mention our other little superstar who also conquered the water today on her own for the first time in a lifejacket.  Although she had to make sure mommy knew she wasn’t too sure, staying very close by yelling “ouchie” if she got a little scared, she did it and was loving it, too!

We had a celebration lunch, and then movie and popcorn night tonight!  One of the best girls day yet with my two cuties ♥♥


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