Cottage Weekend

We’re home from our first official mini-vaca of the year.  Highlight was Annika and Selena’s first every mini kids of steel triathlon – swim (wading pool) 10 meters – bike 100 meters – run 50 meters.

Annika proudly and successfully did the entire race unassisted, all by herself :)  Selena (I believe the youngest ever Loaring to complete a triathlon)did the race with mommy’s help, walked the bike portion (wasn’t feeling her helmet that morning…) and both girls got awesome little metals!  Such a fun atmosphere, and Annika’s super excited to do another!!

We had some good family time at the cottage – lots of trampoline time, rock picking (inherited their love of rocks from daddy), fruit-stand and cupcake shopping with auntie char, and blueberry picking.  We also went to the inaugural colchester villagefest, played at the park and splash pad and got an underwear full of mucky sand after playing in the waves down at the beach.

I think we’ll all sleep well tonight!


Waiting patiently for mechanic-daddy to get her wheel on

P1240358 P1240363 P1240385

hard-core blueberry picking action!


P1240399 P1240405

treat time!

P1240421 P1240422 P1240435 P1240438

Mavie loves the view!


Race time!


Selena was in the third wave, and Annika fourth wave

P1240480 P1240483

Seconds away from helmet meltdown….


 P1240502 P1240504

Proud uncle nee-nee :)


Rock picking with daddy and auntie and decorating Nana in the Sun’s special spot


Fruit-stand outting with auntie

P1240535 P1240534

with a special treat, too!


She really likes cupcakes….out of 50 different choices, she told the painter the cupcake was her favourite!


Colchester pirate park

P1240584 P1240611 P1240620

Fun times in the water!


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