This month has been one filled with many eventful days!

Annika was invited to two birthday parties in the same weekend!

Photo 2013-06-19 7 42 00 PM

Lucas’ (family friend) 5th Soccer themed Birthday! 

Photo 2013-06-09 6 13 17 PM

Abigail’s (friend from school) 5th Birthday!  All the girls from Annika’s JK class attended….had some scaverange hunt fun!

We went to Uncle Rob’s school Family Fun BBQ night.  The kids got some cotton candy, hotdogs, doggy balloons and bounced in a bouncy castle!

Photo 2013-06-19 7 42 07 PM

One early afternoon our neighbour noticed a baby deer wandering down the street.  We were able to lead it into the backyard of my neighbour’s house where it found a comfy corner to nap in all day, and then must have found its way back to mommy in the night :)  The Humane Society reassured us that leaving the deer be was the best thing, and that more than likely mama deer would come right to the backyard in the night to get her baby.  Being the concerned mommy that I am, I of course had to read up on fawns and what to do when you find one…and sure enough, everything I read said the same thing.  Mommy deer often leave their babies in a particular spot all day long and only return at dusk and dawn to feed them.  The babies have no scent, so in order to keep predators away, mommy and daddy deer stay away to keep baby safe.  Very neat stuff!

Photo 2013-06-19 7 43 27 PM

Here’s our pretty baby deer…must have been spooked or curious about something to lead him/her away from the resting spot her mom would have left her in..

Next up on the agenda – Daddy’s Day!  Each year Father’s Day is quite the adventure for us Loarings.  James can’t pass up an opportunity to attend Greek Fest in Windsor, with John and Char, and then Leamington Trithalon on Father’s day morning.  We head straight back to Guelph to spend the rest of the day with my dad.  All in all, it was a good weekend.  The kids being a little older now with slightly longer attention spans makes traveling a lot easier :)

Photo 2013-06-16 6 34 35 PM

Daddy and Papa were showered with a few little presents to show our appreciation for being such awesome dads!!! xo

Last but definitely not least….the winemaker is coming out in me!!!!!  30 bottles of wine with my name on them ~ drink of choice for the summer ~ and super yummy too!

Photo 2013-06-19 5 55 23 PM

Last touch will be labels and a couple more weeks to settle.


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