Happy Mama’s Day

The kids and James woke me up to some new soap and lotion, and then brought me breakfast and tea in bed, and some awesome cuddles!!!

Over to nana and papa’s we went with more hugs and cuddles and presents, and then to Moxie’s for Mother’s Day Brunch.

Home now to relax and be thankful for the two wonderful, perfect girls that I get to call my daughters ♥

Happy Mama’s Day to all the awesome moms and moms-to-be I know, and of course to my Beautiful and Perfect mom who I love so much!


Annika’s awesome homemade crafts she made for me at school

photo (1)

Dianna (Selena and Annika’s daycare teacher) helped them paint their very own coffee mug for me! Perfect for my morning tea



Annika, Selena and Mavie’s hand and paw prints


James and I looking orange

Trying out Annika’s glasses

Enjoying out sangrias during brunch


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