Windsor Trip

We had a tiring, chaotic and short visit to Windsor to be part of James’ run race, Loaring Run Under the Sun (LRUTS).

James went down early to get ready for the race, so the girls and I took the train.  I knew it would be an adventure that could good either way (good or bad), but it ended up going ok, for the most part :)  The girls, or I should say, Annika was very excited about a train ride.  Selena, on the other hand, did her best to sprint away from the train at all costs, screaming and kicking as I heaved her onto the train.  With the four oversized bags we had in tow, my dad helped us get on the train, almost missing his chance of getting off.  I packed some shiny new toys and lots of snacks for the girls which kept them occupied for the first half of the trip; at which point we had to transfer trains in London.  After having many people give me that “poor-woman, how-is-she-going-to-do-it” look, I managed to get us all off the train in one piece, and then back onto another train 30 minutes later.  I was lucky enough to have Selena occupied enough with her new toys that she only had a couple near meltdowns, and the girls managed to have everyone around us smirking and laughing.  The best quote of the ride from Annika being “wow, these people are going to China!” (the conductor announced that we had arrived in “Chatham” which Annika interpreted as “China.”

We were lucky enough to arrive in time to enjoy the warm weather at the waterfront park on Riverside, before an early bedtime for two tired little girls!

The race day was rainy and chilly, but we managed to make it to the start of the kids dash, after Annika had met a new running buddy.  Annika finished the 1k in 6 minutes 17 seconds (faster than what I would be running at this point!)  Selena ran/walked/played soccer with the pylons through the 1k, but both girls had fun, with another race ticked off!  And James is very happy with the success of the race, with a record turnout of 475 participants!

All in all, a crazy but good adventure for us Loaring girls.


Off we go!  Snacks and toys in hand :P

IMAG0876 IMAG0887

Almost there…long trip..


Pic from Nissim’s friend Michelle (Annika’s tea-party/nail polish buddy!)


Race prep with daddy (she’s seriously fast!)

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Playtime with unle Nee-Nee and aunt Colleen


Almost ready!


Postrace snack with her new friend ♥


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