Spring excitement

I am so excited to say that OUR ROBINS ARE BACK!!!!!

I have been waiting patiently to see any sign that our little friends were going to make their nest at our front door again this year.  I told myself that if they did it was a sign from above - our guardian angels :)  Well, this morning when I was outside with the kids, I looked up to see this at our front door….!!!!


…the start of a perfect little nest which was not there yesterday.  I think the birds have been waiting patiently for some warmer weather, which seems to finally be here!  To make things even more special, during our excited happy dance that our Robins were back, this caught my eye…


Nest number 2 to the left of our door!  I’ve come to the conclusion that this must be the baby’s nest who was born last year.  He or she wanted to be close to his/her mommy and daddy while they lay their eggs too!

One big happy family :)  Will be posting photos along the way.  Happy Mommy right here!! ♥


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