James is fiiiiinally home!!!  Two weeks apart felt like an eternity, I think mostly because, well, I missed him, but I’ve also been sick for now almost three weeks straight.  I have come to my own diagnosis of either viral bronchitis or walking pneumonia – both of which don’t necessarily need antibiotics….I know I’m on the mend as each day I can breath a little better and have less coughing, but still fighting something……I avoid the doctor’s office at all costs…I must be VERY ill to bring myself there….I’m there enough with our two little girls through cold and flu seasons…

James’ tri camp was yet again another huge success with many happy campers.  I’ll post a video in the next few weeks of all the fun they had.

I had to take these pics today.  Annika is growing up and is becoming such a big, independent girl.  She does her chores every day, including making her bed.  Daddy brought her a big Hello Kitty from Florida, and she proudly added it to her collection on her bed.  She also gets her bedtime snack ready after we’ve read Selena her bedtime stories.  Annika calls her snack “poo cereal” haha…That is my doing since she has a little trouble in that area…fiber is her friend ;)


Annika’s pro-star bed-making skills!


This is always sitting on the counter waiting for me after Selena is tucked into bed :)


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