Friends and Family

Since it’s Family Day, I thought I’d take the opportunity to properly give thanks to the amazing people I get to call friends and family.  (**after reading back through this post, I see the cheese factor big time, but I don’t care, it’s all the truth! :)

To all my friends, you are incredible.  Although I don’t get to see some of you much, you all make me feel so loved and cared for and bring so much fun into my life, and I wouldn’t be the person I am without you; and specifically, to my bestest who knows me sometimes better than I know myself, you are truly the best!  I love knowing you’re always just a phone call away.  You keep me sane when life gets insane ;) xo

My family is all I could ever ask for, and more; who I know would do anything for me at the drop of a hat, and be there with me for all the good times, and the bad times, and somehow make every moment a memorable one.

My husband – who is my comfort, my support and my best-friend, I’m so happy we found each other.  For those wise people who’ve spoken about the “actualities” of marriage…. first of all, thank you for speaking the truth.  You are right.  Life is never always peaches and cream, and I would be lying if I said my life and marriage was.  The most special thing for me is that when life throws its curveballs, (even if that curve ball is my husband), I never feel alone.  I always have my person.  And that person is always my James.

I grew up with parents and a brother who showed me that life should be filled with nothing more than happiness and love.  I was always taught to be thankful for everything in life.  They taught me love and respect, and to this day they are helping to instill these important life lessons to my girls.   My parents not only helped me to become who I am today, but my mom and dad helped me build and run my own successful business…..and my brother was the reason I met my husband.

Looking back on my 30 years, it’s hard to believe that I am where I am know, right where I envisioned I would be when I turned 30.  I love that every day I get to look at my two beautiful, perfect little girls, my sidekick puppy, and my dream house and know that James and I together created this life.

I’m turning 30!  I am sad to leave my 20s, I think mostly because they brought me so many amazing things and I’m wondering how it’s possible to compete with that…. but I’m looking forward to seeing my family grow (by that I mean watching my girls grow…BJAMS will be staying as BJAMS, there’s no room for more letters ;)  I’m looking forward to what this new decade has in store!

Thank you to everyone for celebrating with me and helping to bring in this new phase of my life.  I love you all ♥


“Smile every chance you get.  Not because life has been easy, perfect, or exactly as you had anticipated, but because you choose to be happy and grateful for all the good things you do have and all the problems you know you don’t have.”


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