A day in the life of…

Here is the timeline of a typical day in the life of me:

7:30am - get up, dress kids, feed kids, make Annika’s lunch, get kids in car.

8:20am - Drop selena off at daycare.

8:35am -  Drop Annika of at school

8:45am - Pick mom and Timmie up.

9:00am – Drop mavie and timmie off at dog groomers.

9:00-9:30am – run errands to bank, post office and bulk bar.

9:30am – start work.  Blitz typing, no interruptions, filling in for co-worker who is deathly ill with stomach bug

10:45am – slip on ice on driveway, crack my head ‘ouch’, get up, get in car, on way to pickup dogs.

11:00am – Timmie is being a bad boy at groomers, have to wait in car for him to finish.

11:24am – Driving away from groomers

11:45am – Blitz typing for 50 min.

12:35pm – At school for Annika kindergarten class observation.

1:45pm – rush home to blitz type, no interruptions.

3:10pm – At school again, pick up annika.

3:55pm – Pick up Selena from daycare.

4:10pm – At grocery store, need pancake mix, fruit and syrup for pancake Tuesday dinner.

4:35pm – Home.

4:37pm – Make Selena and Annika snack while simultaneously unpacking groceries and turning on stove.

5:00pm – Pancakes are made, happy girls and hubby.

5:15-6:30pm – Playtime with girls.

6:30pm – Bathtime, teeth, and jammies.

7:00pm – Selena bedtime.

7:15pm – Annika passes out on couch.

7:20pm – Blitz typing to catch up and finish work for the day.

9:00pm – Eyes are fuzzy, have to stop, no more computer.  Need a shower.

9:30pm – Turn on taped Bachelor show.  Fast-forward to good parts.

10:00pm – Check e-mail

10:20pm – Night Night

Serious…..just a typical day.  And they say to give yourself “me time”…when???

Batter-up, James ;)  V-day and B-day are just around the corner!


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