Nana in the Sun

Annika’s now at the age where she wants to know, and likes to ask questions…

This morning I told her and Selena that today is Nana in the Sun’s special day.  When Annika asked why, I told her that nine years ago today is when Nana went to the Sun and daddy had to say goodbye to her.  Annika’s reply “I want to make daddy a happy birthday card.”

I told Annika that daddy would love a card, but how about you make him an “I Love You” card.

So….she did :)

daddy card nana in the sun

With zero input or help from me, she drew a sun and put Nana beside it, and then drew daddy and put a pink heart beside him (she told me because she knows that Nana’s favourite colours are pink and purple, she wanted nana and daddy to be purple, and the heart to be pink).  On the reverse side of the picture is a sun and Annika wrote “I Love You” with a big happy face.

She was happy to know that she could make daddy happy on this day (knowing that he would be a little sad too), and knew that although she couldn’t give a card to Nana in the Sun, that Nana wasn’t far away and would love the card just as much ♥


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