Catch up

It’s already the middle of January….hard to believe.

Life is back to normal after the holidays…business-wise it’s been a little crazy.  My business had to undergo another system overhaul, it looks like for the better, though!

Lots of fun coming up in the next month – our family cluster of birthdays (Steph, dad, mavie, me, david, grandpa, mom and Jenn!)  Annika’s been invited to two birthday parties, too!

The weather recently fooled us into what seemed like a very early spring thaw this past weekend…only to follow with below zero temps.  It was nice while it lasted, though!

AND…..the biggest news of all to share is…. (knock on wood) Selena is potty trained!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Happy Mama!

IMG_20130112_184200 (1)

Selena’s favourite activity when mommy is cooking – stack the Tupperware!


James had some business in Hamilton, and we stopped in to Jungle Jam to pass some time


Brave girls on the bridge




Winter clearance shopping spree at Joe’s today :)


Selena and her buddy


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