James and I just got back from an absolutely fantastic getaway in Vegas.  We missed our girls like crazy and we’re happy to be back, but it was the perfect little trip for us.  Three nights and four days of non-stop sensory overload.  The hotels are absolutely stunning, the strip is crazy and the 1/2 marathon was brutally great.  I was able to run about 12km until my legs decided that they’d had enough, and the last 8-9km was an extremely slow shuffly walk…one in which I have never experienced so much agony from the waist down.  James was amazing and somehow mustered up enough patience to stay with me the entire time, and pretty much drag me across the line, forcing me to break the 3 hour mark….which we did…somehow….2:59:53!  With only about 5 runs under my belt in the last two years, I’ll take it!

The food we ate was incredible.  One meal a day with snacks in between was all we needed.  The best Greek food both James and I had ever eaten was our post-race dinner..YUMMY!  The fish was brought in all the way from Greece.  Who needs world travel when you have a taste of everything in a 10km strip….

Here’s a little peak at our adventures ♥


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