Busy Busy!

There has been so much going on recently, and I’m finally taking a few minutes to update :)

Firstly, my second cousin was enrolled as a senior solider in the Salvation Army – Congrats to Nolan!!


My uncle Bob is speaking and Nolan is to his right.

Selena and I attended Annika’s school Remembrance Day ceremony and we had a moment of silence together.

I got a new phone, so I have playing around and taking lots of pics!  We spent Remembrance day cleaning out our garage and going for a hike through Starkey Hill with Ian, Heather and Olivia.  We have had some spring-like weather recently so we took advantage of that!  Annika wanted to wear her summer clothes to celebrate :)

Nana was away on a girls shopping trip this weekend and spoiled Annika and Selena, as always!  James made ribs for the very first time, and they were very yummy!  Papa hurt his hand a couple weeks ago and has been having trouble with an infection every since….he had to go to the ER where they gave him IV antibiotics, so now both hands are out of commission for the next week – he has to keep the IV in until Thursday, with daily trips to the ER for his antibiotics.  That didn’t stop him from coming over for lots of playtime this weekend, though!


Dancing with Papa


Showing off in her summer clothing in the middle of November!

IMAG0043 IMAG0044

Annika was the leader, following all of the blue markings.  Mavie and Dash loved it!


Up the steepest hill in Starkey

 IMAG0047IMAG0048 IMAG0051

In their new outfits and playing with their new stuff from Nana


Proud of his first-ever ribs!

On top of all the happenings, my business has been in the midst of a massive change.  My dictation platform has been completely transformed to internet-based.  In an attempt to stay with the changing times, my mom and I have been looking for an updated solution and finally found what we see as being potentially un-datable and will be sustainable through the constant technology upgrades and changes.  Today is the go-live date - everything so far so good, without a glitch :)

Selena’s birthday is a week away!  We have a museum playdate with her friends on Sunday, Karsten’s big birthday bash on Saturday, a visit from auntie and grampie the next weekend, and then last but definitely not least, James’ and I leave for our Vegas trip the following weekend!


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