God-Mommy Love

Annika’s auntie God-mommy “Sess”(my best-friend Steph) took her out for her first ever girlie shopping trip for Annika’s birthday!  Annika got to ride on the city bus for the very first time ever, shopped at all her favourite stores (Claire’s being probably her favourite…), got a manicure, got an a new outfit (shiny purple skinny pants, sweater, sparkly shoes and hair flowers), went to lunch and then to the book store.  Pretty much the most perfect line-up for Annika!  Needless to say, auntie sess spoiled little princess Annika!  The best part is how excited and proud Annika was to be with her auntie for the whole day by herself!  Steph and Annika are going to have a very special bond for their whole life, it’s make me so happy!


Waiting for the bus





In her new outfit, putting on her new lipstick


Someone’s tired…


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