We found out yesterday that our sweet little Annika needs glasses.  We went for our first eye checkup and it wasn’t long before I and the doctor realized that Annika’s left eye was not as strong as her right.  When the doctor did the patch test on the left eye, Annika couldn’t see the letters that the doctor was holding up.  It turns out that Annika’s vision in the left eye is so blurry that she can’t read or see something properly that is 10 feet in front of her.  Annika never told us because she didn’t know the difference, and since her right eye has 20/20 vision, she really isn’t using her left eye at all.  The glasses she is prescribed will help her to start using her left eye and will help strengthen it, hopefully to a point where Annika will only need glasses for certain things, like reading or watching TV.

She’s the cutest kid on the block in her new glasses! :)  Early birthday present for Annika!  What made it even more special is that Annika’s Aunt Pat made her prescribed glasses – Pat is so good at her work that you can’t tell by looking at the glasses which side has the prescription in it!



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