Cottage Weekend

A little delayed on this post, but BJAMS had another great weekend with grampie and cha-cha, this time at grampie’s cottage.  We had adventures at Holiday Beach, seeing some birds, owls and hawks, and some time at Leamington’s awesome park and beach.  We painted and carved and cooked and danced…lots of fun!


Leamington’s Seacliff Beach

P1180027 P1180048

Rockin to the tunes…


Holiday Beach

P1180077 P1180082 P1180083 P1180085  P1180089 P1180096

The look-out at Holiday Beach

P1180098 P1180103 P1180114 P1180123 P1180127 P1180129

Love this!


The hawks followed us home


Pumpkin carving



Making dinner!


Annika’s birthday present from grampie and auntie 

P1180189 P1180193 P1180195  P1180213 P1180229


Grampie trying out his birthday present


Bye-bye cottage…


Nana, mommy and Selena spent this morning birthday and Christmas shopping for all the kiddies in our lives.  There is a toy warehouse that opens only for the fall/winter season that I’ve made an annual must.  We stopped for lunch at my favourite restaurant…RED LOBSTER!  Looking forward to the Run for the Cure this weekend, as always in honour of “nana from the sun” – Nana Loaring!


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