High speed

Life seems to be on fast-forward right now….less than a month away from David and Jenn’s wedding! my parents are fully moved into their new house (which is so awesome and perfect for them, and I’m so happy we have them just around the corner!), Annika starts JK in two months, and Selena starts daycare at the same time.  Wow, I feel like so much is happening around me all the time, it’s sometimes hard to quiet my brain and take it all in!

Looking forward to a family weekend this weekend, Canada Day weekend following, Loaring Tri the very next weekend, Annika’s dance camp the following week and finishing off with David and Jenn’s Big Day!  The weekend after is the opening ceremory of the summer Olympics, followed by our first weekend since the start of May that we get to do…..NOTHING!!!!  How is it possible that we haven’t had a “nothing” weekend in 14 weeks?!  But wait, it doesn’t stop there….following our nothing weekend, we have Scott and Nicole’s wedding and two weeks later Becca and Pete’s wedding.  That will bring us to Annika’s exciting first day of school.

Lots of fun being had and to be had for BJAMS Smile


Check out the spiky hail we had from the storm yesterday


the girls’ new favourite thing!


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