An American Adventure



Picture taken just before passing onto American dirt

Our weekend adventure turned into an unexpected American trip.  Our Syracuse stop was quick; James was able to see all his athletes racing hard at the Syracuse Half Ironman.  We left the race in the early afternoon to head straight to Niagara.  We booked the Sheraton-At-The-Falls hotel, and little did we realize that the almost identical hotel – Sheraton-On-The-Falls – was actually the Canadian Sheraton…..

After our hour-long wait to cross the Rainbow Bridge border crossing, we got to the check-in at the Canadian Sheraton to find out that we had booked the American Sheraton!  No refunds or exchanges were allowed at this point, so what were our choices?… come home and waste the cost of the night’s stay, or bite the bullet and head back over the border AGAIN!

Bre was in the best of moods at this point……(I think most people around me knew not to say a word to me….two hungry kids, a three hour drive and a long, hot day at a park = a very frustrated mommy)

In the end, we got checked in to the American Sheraton, filled our bellies with food, and took a nice walk along the American falls.  The kids got to see the falls for the very first time!

Here are some pics taken from my cell phone…unfortunately we forgot our camera.



Selena was a little nervous being this close…she couldn’t quite understand what she was looking at.



the next morning we took the girls to see some birds and reptiles!



Hi birdie!


a little unsure about the Komodo Dragon


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