Wow, how is it possible that James and I have such amazing family and friends??  What turned almost disaster, ended up being accomplished solely because of our family and friend’s help.

The unexpected happened – Ryan, Steph and poor little Jamie all came down with a super bug stomach virus, with little Jamie being admitted to the hospital over the weekend.  Ryan was planning to use the mini excavator that we rented to dig up the lawn, but no such luck after falling ill.

The first task was to get the excavator to the back.  My brother and his soon-to-be brother-in-law Brian, and my dad came to the rescue with this one.  I gave David the quick run-through of what I was told about the excavator and he was able to figure it out.  After almost one hour of tweaking, taking off the gate and rain spout, and digging, David got the excavator through our gate into the backyard!

Next task: digging….we didn’t have the bin until Sunday, so there wasn’t too much we could do with the help of my bro, Brian and my dad, so had to leave the work until Sunday with not knowing if we’d have any help.  Nissim came to the rescue Sunday morning, and Miro was some extra hands in the afternoon.  James was brave enough to use the excavator.  Superhuman Nissim did all of the wheel barrowing for eight hours straight(I thought I’d be able to take half the wheel barrowing, but underestimated the weight!) - 14+ yards of dirt and rock later, our bin was almost full.  Nissim – THANK YOU, you did the impossible!

To top the day off, our awesome neighbours had a bbq for us.  Your tummies needed those burgers after a day like that!!

My parents, as always, came to the rescue and took the girls almost the whole weekend.

So, what could have turned disaster, ended up working out, thanks to amazing people!  THANK YOU EVERYONE!


James and I prepped the edging Saturday night


James on Sunday morning realizing he had to be the operator!


Team work at it’s best!


What Nissim did for eight hours straight – The dirt pile got so big that he had to make a “dirt ramp” for a second level.


Nissim’s hard work – amazing!


Still hard at work at 6pm (8 hours in)


This was the 18 yard bin we rented for the day.


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