Little Timmie and our sickies

After a really great Mother’s Day morning with my kids and hubby, my mom and I had planned to go to see some puppies at a breeder who she’s been in contact with for the past while.  My parents’ dog, Max, passed away almost three years ago, so my mom is more than ready to get another dog!  Our intentions were only to go and see the cute little ones, but once we got there and fell in love, my mom decided that we couldn’t leave the little guy there, so we brought little Timmie home!  I’m so excited to have a new little puppy around.  My dad’s still getting used to the idea, but I think little Timmie will win him over in no time.


Annika Mommy’s Day crafts she made for me at school


Me and my babies on Mommy’s Day


Milestones Mother’s Day Brunch!

Timmie had his first sleepover at BJAMS’ last night, and we had a lot of fun!  Annika and Timmie have become best-friends, and little Mavie is still a little unsure about this new little ball of fluff hanging around our house sometimes.  Here’s a cute little clip of Timmie trying to entice Mavie to play with him….Mavie was too concerned about his ball being touched by Timmie to think about anything else!



At the breeder’s house falling in love with Timmie



One of many stare-downs last night


Pretty boy Timmie


On a bit more of a stressful note..poor little Selena has picked up the stomach bug that seems to be going around right now.  She’s been quite sick since Tuesday, and this morning was still not showing signs of getting better – Dehydration and hunger are kicking in, but her touchy stomach is making it really difficult to get anything into her.  To the hospital we went….after some anti-nausea drugs and a popsicle (that she held down) they sent us home for monitoring, but back we will go if she’s not getting better soon.  This all comes after poor Annika suffered a bout of strep throat the week prior.  Boy oh boy, when will life be normal again??!!  I’m looking very forward to having my two little beauties back to their happy, healthy selves!


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