Elena’s Day

We celebrate my mother-in-law’s name day today.  Some cultures consider their name day as big or a bigger celebration than their actual birthday.  I was never fortunate enough to celebrate this day with Elena, but we will continue to celebrate it for her.  A Greek meal is order for today, and perfect timing for Selena to be ridding herself of this horrible stomach virus.  Selena is about 80% back to her normal self, which is sooooo very exciting to say!  I was so concerned for her over the past week, and all of the adrenalin that got me through the week is wearing off and I can now feel how much stress I have been holding in….9pm bedtime has helped me stay awake through the day the past couple of nights!

ELENA – Meaning:  Shining light, sunray.

She sure is BJAMS’ shining light!



(This smile meant the world to me yesterday – instant relief!  This was the first time we saw Selena smile since Monday)


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