Cowgirl Annika! and anniversary fun

Annika’s last school field trip was to the Springridge Farm in Milton.  The following day at school was “farm day” dress up.



Charlotte and Annika at the lookout (on a clear day the CN Tower can be seen)


Planting their pumpkin seeds


Witch’s maze


Annika, Myah and Charlotte



Farmer Annika all set to go to school!


Love those pigtails!


James and I celebrate four years of marriage today!  How is it possible that four years have gone by?  We have come a long way in four years, life has certainly changed, and for the better!  We have had our ups and downs, but with teamwork,  understanding and patience, we’ve only grown closer - through thick and thin, and I’m so happy ♥

We’re also celebrating my parents’ new home today!  They got the keys at 10am this morning, and have been moving all day.  Slowly but surely, in the next two weeks they’ll be fully in and settled.  I love having my parents five minutes away!

One last note:  My little birdies are growing so big.  Two out of the four eggs survived and hatched.  I’d like to say pretty babies, but honestly baby birds are quite ugly…It’s really an amazing process, and you have to wonder how birds, and even animals for that matter, learn how and know how to make a baby survive.  I can’t say that the mommy and daddy bird trust us one iota, but we have saved one of the little babies on three occasions…the worst one being this morning.  I think the baby fell out of the nest during the night and by morning was very cold, almost a white colour and barely breathing.  I picked the little one up and put him back (using a plastic glove) with the hopes that momma bird would come to the rescue, and low and behold, within minutes momma bird was back, pecking the baby until it responded.  Within a couple hours the baby was back to its normal colour and breathing properly :) 


Late this morning momma bird with her two babies’ beaks poking out under her – a couple of hours after reviving one of them back to life.


Hungry little one – this was taken the same day they hatched.  Reaching for food was quite the task, look at that skinny neck!



Siblings, cuddling nice and close today


momma bird giving me the stare-down.


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