Baseball fun! and some tidbits of happenings

Our little baseball player got some good practice in before her big game on Saturday.  She did so well, and best of all, she’s loving it!

Have a look at these action shots!!





Annika is all set for her big dance recital tonight!  She’s got both papa and grampie coming, and mommy and daddy!  I can’t wait to see my beautiful dancer on stage.  She did really well in her rehearsal this morning, and is now resting up for the big show.

After I thought both of our girls were on the mend from their sicknesses, Selena made a turn for the worst this past Tuesday (just a day after she was acting almost back to her healthy self).  Her fever spiked to almost 104, and with no symptoms to justify it.  The doctors couldn’t prescribe medication as there was nothing they could identify as the problem.  Our poor Selena suffered with a 103 degree fever for four days, when I couldn’t take it anymore and went to the hospital, again.  Selena had what seemed to be a sore left ear, so I was hoping that all of this was just an ear infection – happily the ER doc confirmed a pretty good infection in poor Selena’s ear.  Hopefully the antibiotic kicks in quickly so we can have our Selena feeling better.

On a better note, our patio and front landing is done!!  Thanks to Ryan and a few friends, we had enough skill and manpower to finish up the job on Saturday.  We can’t thank everyone enough for helping us with this project, and especially a massive huge THANK YOU to Ryan, who has put in so many hours of hard work for us.  It looks phenomenal!


Ryan above, and Mike below, making our patio look amazing!


Chris and Andrew stamping/tamping the concrete


Almost done! …A bit of panic apparently was setting in as the concrete was drying quicker than usual in the hot, humid air…the boys did their magic and saved the day :)


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