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Cowgirl Annika! and anniversary fun

Annika’s last school field trip was to the Springridge Farm in Milton.  The following day at school was “farm day” dress up.Charlotte and Annika at the lookout (on a clear day the CN Tower can be seen)Planting their pumpkin seedsWitch’s mazeAnnika, Myah and Charlotte Farmer Annika all set to go to school!Love those pigtails!James and I celebrate four years of marriage today!  How is it possible that four years have gone by?  We have come a long way in four years, life has certainly changed, and for the better!  We have had our ups and downs, but with teamwork,  understanding and patience, we’ve only grown closer - through thick and thin, and I’m so happy ♥We’re also celebrating my parents’ new home today!  They got the keys at 10am this morning, and have been moving all day.  Slowly but surely, in the next two weeks they’ll be fully in and settled.  I love having my parents five minutes away!One last note:  My little birdies are growing so big.  Two out of the four eggs survived and h…

Ballet Recital

We are so very proud of our little girl, she did it!  It was so amazing to see Annika do so well up on that big stage.  You could see the courage shining through her eyes, it was awesome!  I couldn’t have been a prouder mommy!Annika was so excited to have her God-mommy backstage with her!  A pretty bouquet of roses from God-Mommy Steph and more roses from papa, and a bouquet of flower cookies from mommy and daddy! Pre-show rehearsal, makeup and munchies Lining up to go backstage…a little unsure at this pointAll the pretty dancersLining up in the wings backstage – first time seeing the stage!Here she goes!She did it!! Proud mommy!Now time for the BIG SHOW!In the makeup chair with Aunt Jenn’s helpEven little Selena wanted to help out….my mom stayed home with Selena during the recital, but got to see Annika dance at the rehearsal

Baseball fun! and some tidbits of happenings

Our little baseball player got some good practice in before her big game on Saturday.  She did so well, and best of all, she’s loving it!Have a look at these action shots!!Annika is all set for her big dance recital tonight!  She’s got both papa and grampie coming, and mommy and daddy!  I can’t wait to see my beautiful dancer on stage.  She did really well in her rehearsal this morning, and is now resting up for the big show.After I thought both of our girls were on the mend from their sicknesses, Selena made a turn for the worst this past Tuesday (just a day after she was acting almost back to her healthy self).  Her fever spiked to almost 104, and with no symptoms to justify it.  The doctors couldn’t prescribe medication as there was nothing they could identify as the problem.  Our poor Selena suffered with a 103 degree fever for four days, when I couldn’t take it anymore and went to the hospital, again.  Selena had what seemed to be a sore left ear, so I was hoping that all of this…