Successful day of planting!

Annika helped mommy all afternoon plant the pretty flowers and cedar tree we bought.  Don’t think we could have celebrated Earth Day any better!


We planted some pretty flowers around our Cypress


…and two new pretty pink Tulips to add a touch more pink to “BJASE’s Pink Sanctuary” – a garden dedicated to my moms and baby girls.                 

(BJASE aka: Breanne, Janet, Annika, Selena & Elena)



And finally this new Cedar at the front!


This pretty purple “Mountain Phlox” has, of course, a sentimental meaning to us Loarings – this flower’s origination is in the mountains of Greece (Phlox means “plant of glowing colour,” literally translated as “Flame” in Greece).  This flower caught my eye, and I couldn’t leave the nursery without it (I didn’t know the meaning until I read the label when I got home).


This yellow lily looks beautiful beside it’s purple neighbour Winking smile (I figured I needed a yellow flower to bring out the “flame” in our Mountain flowers!)


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