Chicken Pox fun for BJAMS…


It started with what I thought was some brutal teething for poor little Selena -  Along with a very cranky little girl, was no appetite, interrupted sleep and a rash (all telltale signs of a teething child).   BUT,  daddy then started to develop very similar symptoms.  Within just a couple of hours, James suddenly had lots of red bumps on his face and feet, so bad that it hurt to walk.

He managed to struggle through the night, and by the time 4am rolled around he couldn’t take it anymore and went to the ER.  After an almost 5 hour wait, the doctor informed him that he did indeed have Adult Chicken Pox.  Since James can’t remember if he had Chicken Pox as a child, we are now pretty sure that he either did not have them at all, or had a very minor outbreak.  Most kids are immune to Chicken Pox after they’ve had the virus, but if you don’t develop a bad case of the virus, the immunity isn’t strong enough.

Not surprisingly, later that day Annika was complaining that her feet hurt and low and behold, she was getting spots….Both girls have a very mild case and are acting like their normal selves.

Thankfully, as part of infant’s immunizations, the Chicken Pox vaccine is included now (unlike when we were kids).  This is why Annika and Selena don’t have many spots at all, and are feeling relatively fine.  The doctor called us to inform us about the virus, and in fact in just the past three months, the Ministry of Health has added a second Chicken Pox vaccine to the immunization schedule.  But, since our girls have had a little breakout, that is as effective as a second vaccination.

Seeing the agony that James has been going through in the past couple of days, I feel I should give this advice to parents.  GET YOUR KIDS VACCINATED WITH THE CHICKEN POX VACCINE.  OR, EXPOSE YOUR CHILD TO THE VIRUS.  Adult Chicken Pox is much worse than chicken pox in a child.  I had a very bad case of Chicken pox as a child and I have not picked up the virus going through BJAMS’ house right now.  I’m not sure what we would have done if I had the virus too….

As exhausted as I feel taking care of three sickies….I can managed it knowing I’m healthy!


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