Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Surprise!

It all worked out, David’s surprise was great!  We had been planning David’s surprise early 30th Birthday party for a few weeks.  We were disguising the Super Bowl as his party – he had no idea.  About 20 of us celebrated his milestone and watched the game.  Unfortunately, the birthday boy’s team lost, barely, but it was still a good game.  I won the big bet.  My number was NY-8.  My dad always draws up a betting pool, and we each draw one card which has one of the team’s names and a number from 0-9.  At each quarter we add the score together and the last number of the total, plus the winning team, wins the draw for that quarter.  Lots of fun!

We get to celebrate my dad’s birthday on Wednesday, with the exciting news that his doctor just told him today that he is in remission!  He has to undergo his last chemo treatment on Feb 27, and to add to the excitement, mom and dad get to come to Florida!!!!  YAAAAY!!!!  Lots to celebrate in the best month of the year, FEBRUARY!!!!


Getting ready for the big party!





YUMMY!  Jenn’s home-made football cupcakes!


Drawing the betting pool


Sporting Madonna gear for the half-time show


Dancing to the half-time show!


soon to be brother-in-laws


Dale and his feet….


Pretty Annika

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