Kids’ Weekends!

We spent the last two Saturday mornings at:  “Music with Brian”, last weekend, and “The 1st Steps Ministry Program” at the Salvation Army, today.  Lots of fun playing and dancing for the kids.

Music with Brian was especially great.  He is a fantastic kids’ performer, and has just been nominated for a Juno!  He is one of the few kids' performers that don’t irritate the heck out of me….I feel bad saying that, but honestly, what are some of the musicians thinking???  One of the other neat connections is that my cousin Connie went to school with Brian’s brother, and knew Brian quite well.  Really neat!



and here are some pics from the 1st Steps brunch this morning.




Selena didn’t budge the entire time!  So Cute!




…..and tonight, after a full day of:

*Play date in the morning.

*Three hours of errands in the afternoon.

*Big, yummy rib dinner with the fam.

*Bathies and kids asleep by 7pm

……7:30pm - wine and relaxation….life is great!…what beats a Saturday line-up like that?!


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