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We made it!  Three days later, we’re safe and sound in our cozy house down here in sunny Florida.Our first day took us to Beckley, West Virginia.  We stayed at Country Inn and Suites, had a much needed sleep, and then up and at em first thing Friday morning.  We passed through the beautiful Virginia mountains, through a couple tunnels, and eventually arrived at our second stop – Hilton Head, South Carolina!  We stayed at the fabulous Omni Hotel, right on the Ocean, it was beautiful.  James treated us to an upscale dinner, and on our tour of the hotel we came across a daycare room Date night daycare for the kiddies!  Annika and Selena couldn’t have kicked us out soon enough, with bouncy castle, crafts and jewellery to keep them busy for an hour.  We took Mavie down to the beach in the dark, and the following morning we took the kids!  The first time for our girls on the Atlantic Ocean , they loved it!  Chilly weather didn’t stop them from enjoying the powdery soft sand, heaven!We arri…

Happy Family Day!

How fitting is that I get to celebrate my birthday on Family Day this year!  My family means the absolute world to me – I’m so excited that my birthday gets to be extra special this year Passport Canada in the morning to pick up the girls’ passports for Florida, and then to my favourite restaurant – Red Lobster!Here are some lost tutu pics I took a little while ago.

For my husband…

Let It Be James – For you on this lovely THURSDAY!

Love Day!

Even though it’s consider the “commercial” holiday, I don’t care! Any excuse to celebrate love is a good one.  Here’s how BJAMS celebrated this morning. We even have a new furry friend that joined in on the fun… (take note of Selena’s awesome new dance skills!) Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kids’ Weekends!

We spent the last two Saturday mornings at:  “Music with Brian”, last weekend, and “The 1st Steps Ministry Program” at the Salvation Army, today.  Lots of fun playing and dancing for the kids.Music with Brian was especially great.  He is a fantastic kids’ performer, and has just been nominated for a Juno!  He is one of the few kids' performers that don’t irritate the heck out of me….I feel bad saying that, but honestly, what are some of the musicians thinking???  One of the other neat connections is that my cousin Connie went to school with Brian’s brother, and knew Brian quite well.  Really neat!and here are some pics from the 1st Steps brunch this morning.Songs!Selena didn’t budge the entire time!  So Cute!Froggy!…..and tonight, after a full day of:*Play date in the morning.*Three hours of errands in the afternoon.*Big, yummy rib dinner with the fam.*Bathies and kids asleep by 7pm……7:30pm - wine and relaxation….life is great!…what beats a Saturday line-up like that?!

Happy Birthday Dad!

We celebrated with a big homemade feast by my mom!  Dad’s birthday officially kicks off the birthday season….Mavie’s next, tomorrow, he turns 5!, then me on Feb 20; the very next day my brother; three days later my grandpa turns 90!, and eight days later on March 3 my mom celebrates her birthday, and finally 12 days later Jennifer!  WOW!  That’s 7 birthdays in the span of just over a month!  The next birthday cluster is the fall, with Grampy, Annika, James and Selena, all within two months!Birthday Hugs!Shy little SelenaAnnika’s home-made presents for papa!Starting to warm up…The feast! Ribs and Chicken!My dad’s favourite – Black Forest Cake!The pants my dad wants to return….ahaha “the old man pants”Uncle funTrying on my old ballet shoes Still trying to teach papa Sid how to use his new iPadOne of Selena’s favourite things…the dishwasher…