Girls night in Niagara and a few inches of snow for Annika certainly makes for a great weekend!

Steph, Becca, Vicki, Corinne and I headed to Niagara for the night on Friday.  We stayed at the Embassy, ate at the Keg and partied at Dragonfly Night Club, with a short pit-stop at the casino.  Awesome, awesome time with the girls, and an early birthday celebration for my bestie, Steph!


The girls! From left: Me, Vicki, Becca, Steph and Corinne

Today, Annika got to toboggan with daddy and make a “Frosty”.  She was so proud and very excited….so excited that she wanted to take Frosty’s head tobogganing with her.  Unfortunately, Frosty head shattered at the bottom of the hill, but Annika was able to retrieve part of it, and very proudly bring it home and keep it safe and sound on the front porch, with strict instruction that Mavie is not allowed to pee on it!


Annika’s Frosty


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