School girl!

Our little girl is officially registered for junior kindergarten.  I can’t believe it!

James and I have been debating for a couple of years which school to register Annika in.  Our final decision was the perfect one, the school that I have been hoping we’d agree upon, St. Ignatius.  There are so many things that led us to this school.  One being that we can see the front door of the school from our front door.  Annika will never have to ride a bus to school, and we can walk her to and from school every day.  The principal is unlike any principal I have ever known.  He is a hands-on principal that the kids really respect.

James and I are not catholic, and this is the major reason we were debating this so much.   We looked at all the pros and cons, and got feedback from friends and family.  I love our decision!

Last but not least, last year Prime Minister Harper visited St. Ignatius!  It has to be a special school if the Prime Minister picks this one to visit!stiggys

Annika’s school!


Prime Minister Harper with kids at St. Ignatius last year.


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