Big weekend!

The line-up for the weekend was looking like a record-breaker:  Annika was invited to two birthday parties, and we were going to have Grampy, Auntie Char and her boyfriend Rob and his three kids stay the weekend.  Unfortunately, our girls picked up the nasty cold going around this year - Selena’s worst cold to-date, and Annika is still fighting it.  Poor little thing might have to miss school this week, and she’s the Star of the Week this week…

Despite our sickies, we still attended one of the birthday parties on Friday (and sadly had to miss Mady’s 2nd birthday on Sunday), and had two short visits from Char and the gang.  Saturday marked the 8th year of Grammy Loaring’s passing.  We of course had our traditional Greek dinner for Elena, and this year with us all together!  We ended the weekend with the two (very exciting) football games; and fingers crossed Annika starts to feel better tomorrow….or to the doctor’s we go…

Looking very forward to my girls night in Niagara on Friday (my first time ever away from both the girls and James together) to celebrate my bestie’s birthday!  And then Super Bowl Sunday the following weekend!!


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