My dad’s update and the girls’ new holiday friend

So far so good!!  I’m happy to say that my dad has been doing very well.  He had his second chemo infusion yesterday.  The only side effect my dad has experienced in the last three weeks was during his first infusion, he had a short bout of shivers and shakes, but the nurses came to the rescue, gave him more meds, and everything was fine.   I think my dad’s excellent health and good spirit, along with everyone’s prayers and thoughts have made this process go as smoothly as it has.  Four more chemo infusions, and that’s it!  His blood work has shown all his levels to be back within normal limits, so as long as those stay where they are, my dad will officially be in remission come March 2012.  Non-Hodgkin’s is not curable, but is able to be put into remission for years, so we’re all looking forward to dad’s good health in 2012!

On the Christmas side of things, Annika and Selena’s “Elf on the Shelf” “Luna” arrived yesterday.  Annika was introduced to her and read the story that she brought.  Here are the rules that our new adopted elf, Luna, brought with her.

* You cannot touch me or I will lose my magic.

* You must give me a name before my magic begins.

* I can listen to what the children tell me, but cannot talk back, that's Santa's law.

* I fly back to the North Pole each night and tell Santa what I have seen - when I comes back I go to a new spot in the house, and bring a treat from Santa if you have been good.

* The night before Christmas I return to the North Pole where I will stay with Santa until the following holiday season.

Annika is so excited about her new elf, and even said goodnight to Luna, blew her a kiss and asked nicely if she could please have a little treat from Santa in the morning.

We love our Luna!


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